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Objective Viewpoint

We are not employees of your company. Consequently we can take an unbiased and clear view of what your business objectives are and how effectively your management system is achieving them.

Personal Attention

The benefit of using a smaller consulting firm is that you gain the personal attention of the consultants you work with to set up the job. Your job won’t be handled by a junior hidden behind a larger organization.

Through our membership of the ThoughtPower ® Strategic Network we can bring consultants with expertise in particular areas to ensure you get the best possible resource on your problem. We use consultants who are graduates of the top management schools of the country and who have significant high level management experience.


Business Model Considerations

We do not use any particular methodology to which your problem has to be fitted.

We do however have a flexible model of business which is focused upon desired outcomes and the processes within the business that achieve those outcomes, and the support systems needed to ensure those processes work reliably. This systems approach to corporate analysis has proven very effective in highlighting the critical areas for improvement.

Prioritised Approach

Our clear approach means we can work with you to focus on the priorities for improvement. We take particular care to identify the “low-hanging fruit”; i.e. the easy to make changes which offer high value to you.


Presentation of Results


For a consulting result to be useful it needs to be clearly understood and acted upon by all who re affected. Communication of the message is critical.

We are used to presenting to directors, to executive teams, to line managers, to operators and to financiers. Presentation and reporting of results in an effective format is a key step in our process.

More important than an overall formal presentation is the ongoing discussion with our client as results and conclusions are developed, hand-in-hand with you and your staff.

 Ongoing Commitment and Follow-up

We don’t want to do a job and “never be seen again”. We want to maintain a dialogue with you as you implement changes and to be ready to assist with any further ideas.

Your continued use, or your recommendation, is our aim

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