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Clermiston offers a full range of services to assist in making your business run more effectively. Click on the title of each section to see more.

Business and Strategic Planning covers the range of services needed to set the business up and to facilitate an approach to capital providers. Unlike most business planners, we go beyond the basic marketing and finance plans and look into what is needed to service customers by delivering products effectively, and in what needs to be planned to develop new products and technologies to increase business.

Technology Strategy looks at the capabilities that your business uses internally to achieve its goals, and how it presents itself to the world of your customers. Businesses with clearly enunciated technology strategies provide greater value to their customers and perform more efficiently internally: in short, they do the right things, right and at lowest cost.

Process based Management describes the processes which are used within a business to deliver its products and services for which the customer pays. If the processes don't work, business suffers; hence it pays to have the processes understood and to work well.

 Supply Chain Management is a skill set of processes relating to the procurement of resources, delivery of products and services to your customers, billing and collecting payment and managing the information flows associated with these activities.

Risk & Safety Management is used to protect your business against unplanned, adverse activities; with safety management addressing the specifics of accident prevention.

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