Ball Diagram
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The "4 ball" diagram at the top left of the home page has nothing to do with golf.

It is about balance in business.

The diagram is developed from the concepts of value leadership which were put forward by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersma in "Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines" in the Jan / Feb 1993 Harvard Business Review.  Treacy and Wiersma suggested to be a true market leader a company needs to excel in one chosen "value discipline" of Product Leadership, Operational Excellence of Customer Intimacy, and be at least industry standard in the other two.

In the competitive environment of the 2000s, we are seeing companies need to excel across the range of value disciplines to sustain market leadership. A balance needs to be kept between  the values of customer, product and the customer.

The "ball" in the centre "Financial Management" is critical to the success of the business yet at the same time must not be used as an excuse to smother creativity. Companies need to allow for sufficient finances to fund their operations, their product and technology development programs and their customers' requirement to trade in credit terms. It is absolutely critical to business success that finance is seen as an integral part of the whole.


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