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Clermiston has been involved in several organisation-wide change programs.

Examples of these include:

bulletLogistics Improvements for a Manufacturing and Distribution Company

This company had an in-full on-time delivery performance of less than 70%. There was a also a severe mis-match between inventory and actual goods ordered.
A major change program was instituted which saw delivery performance jump to better than 98% in-full, on time  within 6 months - and stay there.
(The measure was particularly sensitive: by line item, not by whole order or by dollar sales).

bulletBusiness Process Improvements for a Project Engineering Company

This company engaged in third party building and infrastructure projects. The company had a business risk exposure such that the variability of margins on individual projects was higher than the budget margin for the company as a whole. All went well until a few projects started to go over budget for no obvious reason - and the incredulous individual managers had done nothing out of the ordinary!
Clermiston mapped the processes associated with setting up a project, managing it and predicting its outcomes to give a more reliable result. Typical processes are explained in our Project Management section.

bulletSupply Chain Problem Solving: Chemical Distributor

This company was meeting its delivery commitments to a very high level of performance. Problem was, its people were becoming stressed in doing so. 16 hour days, short cuts, near misses, road transport incidents were symptoms of a climate of a potential major accident.
Clermiston worked within the organisation to quickly identify the root causes (click on  diagram) behind the behaviours and to set up a plan of action to rectify.
bulletBusiness Plan and Operations Review for Manufacturing Company

Clermiston has a large amount of experience in analysis of manufacturing and logistics costs, fixed costs and overheads and their relation to profitability. In this instance, a company was visited on the request of its owning entity. The business was not making money and consideration was being given to moving manufacturing offshore.
A thorough analysis of manufacturing costs and fixed costs and overheads painted a different picture. Clermiston showed the company had insufficient revenue to support even the offshore manufacturing idea.
A stronger sales plan was instituted. The company still manufactures in Australia.

bulletSafety in Product Design

A leading manufacturer of industrial equipment was approached to provide equipment for use in a hazardous  (as defined by WorkCover Regulations) process. The equipment manufacturer required a comprehensive set of guidelines for the equipment. Clermiston reviewed other equipment in use, history of incidents with the process and the safety legislation and made specific recommendations on the overall safety design aspects, and the use of the equipment at the customer's premises.


Further details of these and other cases are available from Clermiston.

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