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Risk Management is used so enterprises can protect themselves against possible adverse consequences of unplanned events.

Rigorous understanding of risk is made easy by taking the time to understand risks quantitatively, so they can be ranked in priority order to resolve.

Clermiston has the experience to  guide your company through a comprehensive Risk Management Program. Click on Quantitative Risk Assessment to download a pdf file.

Safety Management addresses the specifics of preventing accidents. A particular skill is the investigation of accidents, in such a way that business processes and systems of work are changed to prevent recurrence. Clermiston uses a root cause analysis technique to objectively evaluate the causes of accidents.

Both Risk and Safety management are written into legislation. Companies need to have programs in place in both these areas.

Clermiston has significant experience in safety management coupled with broad-based knowledge of the regulatory framework in Australia. Clermiston can work with you to assist you to clarify your safety issues. We can also cite examples to you where an integrated approach to safety management led to a holistic improvement in operational effectiveness and financial results.

The safety triangle highlights the balanced approach in the safety area:


Attention needs to be given to each of the highlighted areas: systems and procedures, behaviour and operations, and safety in process and product design.

Clermiston has significant experience in this integrated approach to safety, and can assist you in miminising your risk exposure. See John's Safety and Environmental experience in the  attached pdf file.

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