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Some Typical Questions:

Why would I use a consultant?

Clermiston takes an objective view of your business, unhindered by issues involved in the day-to-day management of the business. We do not become involved in the politics of your operation and hence we can provide a focused approach to results.

Should this process be done in-house?

Many companies want to develop their own strategy processes in-house, believing that senior managers should be the firms' strategists. At the same time, because of urgent pressures and requirements to act, many senior managers often find it difficult to take a view of the company that is both objective and far reaching.
Most managers do not have the time, the tools or the techniques to filter and manage the information so that it can be used to the companies best effect. We work with the Senior People within an organisation building their strategy skills at the same time as we develop the business and marketing strategy for the organisation.

Do you work outside Australia ?

Whilst we are based in Sydney, NSW, and the centre of our business activity is here, we have done consulting work in other states and in New Zealand. John has extensive experience managing projects in South-East Asia, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, US and Europe and is always excited by an overseas opportunity. Who wouldn't ?

How much control can I maintain?

You retain total control. Our objective is to help you and your business. Our mission is to provide you with the best information, tools and techniques for your business so that you can grow your business by developing and achieving the strategic goals that you agree and that you set.

How long does a project typically last?

It depends on how complex the project is and how much time we are allowed to deliver the results. Past projects that we handle have run from two weeks to over a year. Most projects last around two to six months.

How much do you charge?

The estimate of a project is based upon the quantity of work we anticipate is required to complete the assignment. A quotation is given that is then firm for the job as scoped and agreed with the client.
We are also available on a time-based charge-out rate.
A typical charge for a senior consultant is $1400 per day, plus GST. This rate is discountable by mutual agreement depending on the type and quantity of work.

How do we engage you?

The first thing we do is meet and talk through the assignment. We both need to be comfortable that Clermiston has the resources and capabilities to undertake the work. We then scope the key deliverables of the project and provide a written quote for fees. Given that the key deliverables are correct and the fees acceptable, we commence work following your confirmation for us to proceed.

Are you registered for GST?

Yes. We hold an ABN registration and provide Tax Invoices quoting the appropriate number.

What insurances do you hold?

We hold public and product liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance as required for an Australian proprietary company.

What are your terms and conditions?

Clermiston has a simple set of terms and conditions that give both parties the required level of comfort. Significant items of these include


Fees are quoted with the GST component identified. Once agreed, the fees are non-negotiable.

Delays or Extensions

With all projects, delays or changes may occur. It is accepted by both parties that any change to the scope of a project will require the fee and timing to be renegotiated. It is recognised that both parties will accommodate minor changes to the scope of a project.


Expenses such as the purchase of specialty information (eg company or marketing research), any required travel and accommodation would be agreed in advance with the client and are payable in addition to the fees. These would be charged to you at cost: we do not seek to make a profit on expenses.
Out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of a client, such as STD and ISD telephone calls, car parking fees and petrol for long distance travel (out of Sydney metro area) would be payable on a monthly basis upon production of receipts.

Termination of Agreement

Either party may terminate the agreement at any time, at which time payment of time spent to date will be immediately due at a predetermined rate including GST.

Confidentiality of Information

Clermiston Consulting Pty Ltd understands that much of the information it works with will be confidential in nature. Therefore, Clermiston agrees that all information relating to a project will remain confidential unless the client agrees to disclosure in writing.
Clermiston has a pro forma, legally binding confidentiality agreement should you need this level of assurance.

Where did your company name come from ?

In the late 19th century, John's great-grandfather built a house in Roseville, in Sydney's northern suburbs. Clermiston still stands to-day and has given its name to Clermiston Avenue as well as to Clermiston Consulting.


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